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Dare To

Everyone has that desire to travel but are often caught up in their daily lives playing the blame game with time, finances or responsibilities, turning those burning desires into forgotten dreams. But it’s time you break free and dare to turn those travel dreams into travel realities.

Dare to Travel with Touch Down Group, from affordable self-catering units to luxury resorts scattered across South Africa, allow us to accommodate your escape to energetic hubs or serene getaways. Touch Down will give you a mind refreshing experience. Choose your own adventures and let your spirit run free from lavish accommodation in Hartbeespoort to fishing and wildlife resorts in Mpumalanga.

Whether you want to take a day off, a long weekend or a month to explore the beauty of South Africa, we have you covered. Let us help you to make time for your dream vacation, if you have responsibilities, take them with you for a fun-packed family holiday, or if it’s  money that matters, you can make use of our massive discount on our holiday resorts and  budget friendly holiday destinations.


So, what place will you Dare to Travel?


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