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Fishing Resorts in South Africa

South Africa has a little bit of everything for everyone and one of the best ways to showcase this is through the abundance of activities and accommodation of fishing enthusiasts. It’s not easy finding a place well stocked in fish and allows you to enjoy nature uninhibited in any way.  The great thing about this industry besides its growth is that as far as accommodation goes, it ranges from comfortable to luxurious and varies from one end of the catering spectrum to the other.

As far as fishing goes, Dullstroom in Mpumalanga can be considered the best. Quite an ambiguous statement when you consider the fact that fish can be found in oceans on either side of the country, mountain streams and rivers. In terms of fly fishing for trout, no other place comes close. Still, water dams chock full of rainbow, and brown trout are the order of the day, complemented with luxurious self-catering facilities in the surrounding equestrian estate.

The Western Cape is littered with accommodation tucked in the most ideal nooks and crannies for the quintessential fishing experience. A perfect example can be found within the Robertson Wine Valley, renowned for its idealised beauty. The Bonnievale River Lodge is a self-catered experience that offers guests a chance to reside along the river edge, and rural experience away from the creature comforts provided by the city.

At the tip of the Drakensberg Mountain range and south of the border with the neighbouring country of Lesotho and on the other side of the winding gravel road from Barkley East. A little gem that might as well be classified as a relic lost in time resides in the form of the Walkerbouts Inn. This particular guesthouse is best suited for the needs of 16 individuals and provides authentic outdoor experiences such as but not limited to mountain bike trails, birding and fly fishing.

Further south in the Natal Midlands, fans of fishing both recreationally and for sport can relish in the art of catching bass. The Albert Falls Dam is the country’s highest-ranking bass fishing destination and one of the best in the world. Just a 30-minute drive from the neighbouring city of Pietermaritzburg. This particular venue is excellent for a day out with the family to enjoy water sports, bird watching and most importantly, fishing. Take part in the Albert Falls Classic fishing tournament held annually since 2017. Although in its infancy, the competition doesn’t fail to amaze and provide an extravaganza for both spectators and contestants alike.

As far as fishing goes, what’s fishing in South Africa without mention of the Sardine Run. Between May and July, millions upon millions of fish move up along the east coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal and with them, predators that one would not normally see. From Great White Sharks, Common Dolphins that follow them from start to finish and Whales, Moray Eels and Ragged Tooth Sharks in select areas waiting to enjoy in the festivities. The sheer number of fish means even the most inexperienced fisherman can land a catch to their name as fish usually move in shoals 30km long and 3km wide.



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