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Romantic Getaways in Africa

Exploring is a great thing and travelling with the person you love is the best way to exploring the world. It’s the perfect way to break away from your everyday life and to simply spend some quality time with your beloved. What better way to start your adventure then Africa?

The continent offers incredible destinations that are perfect for the honeymoon of your dreams be it living amongst unspoilt nature, watching romantic sunsets or exciting bike rides around curvy mountain slopes, whichever style you prefer, Africa will bring you and your partner together and fill your days with love and excitement. So, Start planning your holiday as we take you through the most romantic getaways in Africa:

Vamizi Island, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique.

Explore the island that’s shaped like a crescent and covered in fine sands that lead to sparkling turquoise blue beaches. Head to its crystal-clear waters for a rewarding scuba diving experience. The island is surrounded by tropical rainforest and provides a very luxurious yet intimate setting to spend your time with that special someone. 

Marrakech, Morocco.

One of the most appealing and exotic cities in Africa is Marrakesh. The city oozes with the country’s north African and Arabic charm. For a truly traditional experience be sure to stay in a riad (Moroccan palace or traditional houses featuring an interior garden, especially the ones that overlook the city to Captivate yourself in the intriguing mystery of the city.

The Namib Desert, Namibia.

Live like Brad and Angelina in the Dune filled deserts of Namibia. Here you can ensure you spend secluded and serene time with your partner as you gaze at the vast horizons of the Namib desert painted with golden and red hues from its vast skies, enjoy a candlelight dinner or drive around this arid dessert that will leave u feeling blissfully alone.

Masai Mara, Kenya.

Kenya is Africa’s wildlife hub. Here you can experience the famous wildebeest migration – one of the greatest spectacles of wildlife. Experience their romantic hot air balloon at dusk. Rise above the massive Masai Mara and explore this vast nature reserve from the sky. A perfect experience for honeymooners.

Lake Malawi, Malawi

For the ultimate adventure discoveries, get lost in the natural wonders of Malawi and explore amidst sweet mango trees, ancient baobabs and see the mythical lake Malawi, its captivating ever blue waters has a calming effect to the mind. Enjoy a hearty picnic or romantic sunset dinner on its warm banks. Go kayaking or fishing at this blessed lake. The country itself offers a welcoming time to its visitors and is often called the warm heart of Africa due to being the nicest country to strangers.

South Africa.

South Africa is arguably one of the best countries in Africa to give you the perfect romantic escape. The country will cater to anything and anyone.  From nature lovers, the busy hub enthusiasts to the adventure seekers. Whatever you and your better half have in your holiday Wishlist it will most probably be fulfilled in South Africa. The country’s landscapes include vast valleys, endless mountains forests, deserts savannahs and of course its lavish coastline that encompasses the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

For Nature-loving couples, what’s more, enticing than to live in a reserve that can offer a perfect setting that’s is surrounded by a valley of vast mountains, friendly game animals and the melodies tune of birds to wake you up and feel the fresh breeze of nature brush past you. The perfect romantic getaway is at Humala River Lodge offers and all that to ensure that you have had the best African experience ever.


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