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Self catering accommodation in South Africa

There’s no one who doesn’t like holidays and the rare few that probably don’t can attribute their feelings towards an unpleasant experience or some kind of trauma. Unfortunately, this journal has no tip on how to counsel that just yet but it will help visitors both new and old in choosing the right kind of accommodation when it comes to travelling Mpumalanga, the North West or anywhere in South Africa really. And the best part of this is that all of the pearls of wisdom imparted here can be universally transferred.

When it comes to planning your holiday, knowing where to go is probably the first thing that’s decided. And where you’re going to stay the second, if not vice versa. To be honest, self-catering accommodation is best, yes we said it. That’s not to say anybody who can afford a hotel or luxurious Bn’B shouldn’t try one if the opportunity is there, but for most holiday goers, the holiday experience is a fickle thing. It has to be planned in advance in order to avoid the unruly price fluctuations that come with the ringing of the last school bell that begins the end of the school term for children. Or that one random public holiday most people in the country need but never end up using because they are catching up on work.

Self-catered accommodation has a few perks above room service if you know how to use them. Chief among them being the value for money you get. As a holiday goer on a budget or a person living up to the stingy personality trait people have given to them, there’s no better way to physically see the value of your money and where it goes because you know how much you’re paying and for what. Which means having too much fun means you only have yourself to blame, not that having fun is ever a bad thing. And if you are unfortunately labelled as stingy, what better way to prove those people who don’t understand frugality with money wrong.

Space. And lots of it. Unlike hotel rooms, which are self-explanatory in their dimensions, self-catering accommodation can range anywhere from an extremely large room to an entire house waiting for you and your guests to make it feel like a home. Which is a win for all the anti-social members of the family.

The prospect of having an unlimited selection of food to choose from seems enticing and you don’t have to be a foodie or have an unhealthy relationship with food to see it. BUT, and this is a big but as you can see, is that it doesn’t cater to any cravings. If it’s not on the menu then chances are you’re not going to have it, and if it is on the menu and you don’t want it, your meal will feel incomplete without it. Self-accommodation results in cooking whatever you feel like when you feel like it, adding to that homey feel and vibe that is often sought after by this type of accommodation option.

Not to toot our own horn but as Touchdown Group, we sort of know a thing or two about self-catering residences with a few of our own littered across the country. If you would like our opinion on which is the best? All of them. But if our backs were against the wall and we had to pick one we’d choose, find out in the link below

Now that we have that out the way, it’s important to realise that it’s not all good and that the bad exists in tandem with the good. The bad thing about going down this path of independence is that your desired holiday destination may not be prepared adequately for a fulfilling self-catering experience. Also, there’s a slight chance that it may be in the outskirts of where you’d ideally want it, making getting around expensive, which is a real concern if you’re holidaying in South Africa.

Even though you’re on holiday the one thing you pack with you and the reason that travel bag refuses to close all of a sudden is because you take the chores from home with you. It might be nice to have a change of scenery but the cleaning roster doesn’t change. No matter what you do, the dishes will still need cleaning.

But do not let dirty dishes deter you from enjoying a holiday because that’s what they’re there for. To be enjoyed with the people you love most.


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