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Reasons to be in the Western Cape this June

June is a cold month in South Africa, as it should since it constitutes the beginning of winter. What you watch on TV may be filled with snow but for most people, this means staying indoors and leaving the house only when you have to, which shouldn’t be the case. South Africa is full of things to do, rain or shine because the fun isn’t scared of a little cold wind, from the coast to the other side of the mountain, the Mother City is the place to be in the month of June

Take a look at the following events to see what we mean.



The Cape Town Coffee Festival

A cup of Joe, Java in the morning, mud or Go juice, regardless of what your caffeine fix is called, why not celebrate and honour the beverage that wakes you up in the morning without fail. Cape Town’s Coffee festival feature as much coffee as you can drink, interactive seminars, workshops and demonstrations from world-class baristas, street food and live music all squeezed into a span of two days. All of this can be enjoyed from a 10-minute drive from Touch Down’s very own luxury accommodation just 10 minutes from the festivities.

When: 1-2 June

Cost: R150 (online)

R180 at the door

R100 (0 -16)

R400 (VIP)

R600 (Super VIP)

Location: Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town



Wacky Wine Weekend

This event takes place annually at the Robertson’s Wine Valley and celebrates everything wine. From the grapes to the stomping, the cellar they’re kept in and above all things, the taste of the finished product. This family-friendly event offers food, tours of wine cellars, live music and child-friendly activities for the little ones to enjoy.

When: 1-4 June 2019

Cost: R200pp

Location: Robertson Wine Valley

Contact: (+27) 23 626 3167


The Snoek en Patalfees festival

Back for yet another year to share food fish and the occasional doughnut. Like the 17 years before, the Snoek en Patalfees festival is fundraising aimed at strengthening and supporting various organisations and job creation projects to grow the economy. Enjoy more than food as local bands serenade you with music and fun activities for the kids to enjoy. Merrymaking begins at 9 am.

When: 29-30 June

Cost: R90 pp for Adults

R30pp for kids between 6 & 12

R130 for a weekend pass

Location: Goedverwacht


(+27) 78 316 3988


Knysna Oyster Festival 2019

This popular festival is held annually in Knysna and offers plenty of experiences for connoisseurs of delicacy in the form of this very shellfish, as well as outdoor and foodie experiences for everybody else, lovers of oysters or otherwise. This fair has something for everybody in attendance.

When: 21-30 June

Cost: Varies per event

Location: Knysna

Contact: (+27)44 382 5510



National Arts Festival

Singing, dancing and every other art form in-between are celebrated at the Arts Festival. Every hall is alive with performers of every kind be it exhibitions, cultural showcases or one of a kind spectacles showcasing the very best of what the country has to offer in sheer raw talent. This year is no exception with the inclusion of the Standard Bank Jazz festival Line up on stage. Thes festival might not be in the province that Cape Town calls home, but its exclusion would simply be a criminal offence as the National Arts Festival celebrates the best within the borders of South Africa.

When: 27 June – 07 July

Cost: Event dependant

Location: Makhanda, Eastern Cape




When on holiday with family, your vacation needs to include activities that are exciting and pleasant for everyone and cater to all generations.  Renowned for its Floristic region, majestic landmarks and world-class beaches, Cape town ticks all the boxes for an awesome family vacation. It includes an endless list of things to do from historical experiences to thrill-seeking adventures. Not only is there an enormous collection of interactive and fun things to do in the Cape, but the welcoming people, breath-taking landscapes and the ease of getting around will surely make Cape town your favourite family destination.

Fall in love with the black feet penguins on Boulders beach

The Boulders beach, situated between giant granite boulders is where the colony of cute and cuddly birds reside since 1982. It’s a popular tourist spot since the African penguins are only found along coastlines of Southern Africa.   You can spend a total treat of a day amongst the African penguins and massive boulders that protect the waters from the wind, making it calm and perfect for children to swim in. The Beach doesn’t have an entrance fee and is really packed during the so be sure to arrive early and secure a perfect spot for parking.

Discover Table Mountain

The table Mountain Cableway

Explore one of the 7 wonders of Nature with your entire family. All three generations will be left awestruck as the cable car takes you on a rotating ride at 10 MPs to a height that’s over a 1000 ft above sea level. The 5-minute elevation will leave you breathless as you take a 360 flight above the majestic slopes of the Table Mountain. Be sure to dress warmly because once you reach the top a breeze cold air will embrace you. Once you complete the fabulous tour around the ‘table’, you can step into the table mountain cafe that offers a splendid dining experience with a wide variety of hearty meals, snacks and drinks to indulge in. You can also sit inside their Wi-Fi lounge and sip on some very high tea before the ride back down.

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is one of the city’s top tourist hotspots that offers everything from diverse dining places and world-class shopping experiences to live entertainment and boat tours around its busy harbour. It’s the perfect place for both adults and children. You can ride in the Hamley’s train with your children, play mini golf or go on the famous Cape wheel for 360 top views of the colourful and buzzing city. Watch silver and golden statues come to life when change is dropped into their box, Listen to vibrant Live music played on the streets or watch dancers perform for an audience in the middle of nowhere. There’s never a shortage of entertainment for the family at the waterfront. You can also feast on diverse and delicious cuisines from an endless number of restaurants and franchises in the waterfront, the children can also enjoy delicious ice-cream from renowned outlets on a hot day. They can also participate in other activities like seal spotting, giant outdoor chessboards and art jamming.

Glide across  the coolest place In town

Skate on the Olympic-sized ice rink at The Grand West Casino complex. The Ice Station is a place for kids and adults to engage in a fun physical activity. If you are not a pro, there are ice marshals available on site to assist you or you can just skate around the edges by hold the railing until you get used the motion. All the pain and handwork will be worth it once you start gliding across the rink syncing with the rinks the thumping music. If you have younger kids, they can skate at the smaller arena for children positioned next to the main rink. You can bring your own skates or they can be hired at the station for a small fee. Remember to bring thick socks for the hired skates and extra warm clothing because it’s usually freezing in there.


Child-friendly Beaches

Capetown child friendly beaches

Swim with your entire family along the sandy shores of the  St James’ beach. Children of all ages can enjoy the warm man-made tidal pool that provides hours of fun for them and peace of mind for you as it is safe from the wind and waves.  It’s the ultimate kid’s delight where they can scatter around with their toys or make sand castles. This beach makes a picture perfect holiday with its rich blue waters with colourful wooden beach huts lined along its shores. Another beach that will leave your kids in delight is Camps Bay due to its fine white sands,  calm and wind free waters. The tidal pool is located at the south end of the beach, It has a natural rock pool where you can enjoy a calm swim and catch breath-taking views of lions head and the 12 apostles that serves as a backdrop of the beach. Behind the beach, you can enjoy a superior dining experience with its top-notch seafood restaurants and mellow cafes. You can head to the Promenade Mall and shop at boutiques or visit the theatre on the Bay where you can experience the drama, comedy and musicals. If you can go a little off the beaten track, another relaxed children’s beach is Miller’s point. There is an attractive tidal pool and it serves as the perfect place to have a beach picnic.

Climb aboard The Jolly Roger Pirate boat

Let your child experience a day as a sailor with the Jolly Roger pirate boat that leaves daily from the V&A Waterfront. A  full-blown pirate ship experience with an impressive sound system, splendid lighting, onboard braai and everything to make it an authentic pirate party. Kids will have an exciting and interactive experience from the moment they hop onboard and will be speaking the language of the sea once they arrive ashore.

Explore the Ocean at the Two Oceans Aquarium

2 oceans aquarium in Capetown

Have you ever wondered what a real-life shark looks like from up close?  Well, now you can be eye to eye with them.  Explore what the Atlantic and Indian oceans have hidden beneath their surfaces all at one place. Children can explore different species of colourful fish that can be as tiny as their little pinkie to as large as thrice their size as excitement runs throughout their veins. You can forget to breathe as you come face to face with humongous sharks as they swim towards and inches past you. The aquarium also offers various diving and feeding experiences and they also have penguins with whom you can capture warm memories.

The Holiday experience in cape town can be so versatile that you will never be at the risk of being bored. You can enjoy history, culture, beaches, mountains, shopping experiences, festivals and so much more, all with your kids, giving them a well-rounded and fulfilling vacation.


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