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What to write in a wedding card

So somebody you know is getting married? The easy part is that you’ve found what to wear, but the problem you have is that you can’t go to a wedding empty-handed.  There a few options at your disposal when it’s time to get fancy with the words of congratulations. Chief among them is the word congratulations. There are so many synonyms of the word that can be used that people will use with varying degrees of variation but nothing that will make them stand out.

The good news is that there’s no rule concerning what can and can’t be written in a wedding card. Besides, it should be easier than hosting a wedding. That being said, social convention does offer some guidance on what to do. You can never go wrong with wishing people well on their upcoming or newly proclaimed nuptials to each other as long as the message itself is thoughtful and comes from the heart.

Depending on how you and the wedding bearer in question define your friendship, there’s always the option to write a card professing your long lost love of either the groom or the bride. Not only will this be different from any other cards, but it will be taken in one of two ways — tears of joy for making the newlyweds laugh uncontrollably or serve as the catalyst for their first fight, either way, you can see this as a win.

Does a congratulatory card have to be formal or informal?

The short answer is No.

They can be, however, if you really want to show off your diction and inflexion of words as they consummate themselves on the page. What matters is that your message should be thoughtful, heartfelt, and above all else, come from the heart. Regardless of which designer, your tux and dress come from. 

The option to be informal is a perfectly fine route to take. Casual doesn’t mean making use of only overused sentences that have lost their value, such as “Congratulations” and “Wishing you all the best.” Deciding on what to write on a wedding card means that the option to be funny is more than perfectly acceptable, but there are a few rules that need to be followed. Chief among them is staying away from sarcasm and snarky remarks. Also, no comparisons on who is the better partner between the two or more if you’re attending a polygamous ceremony is, the duration of time preceding the actual wedding and most importantly above all else, mention of divorce.

What if someone in the family is the one getting married?

If you’ve been invited to a family members wedding that’s good news, family relationships can become strained due to disagreements, and people end up at weddings they don’t really want to be at due to mediators or as a wish from an elder. To any fathers/mothers who find it hard to put their emotions onto paper, a helpful tip to remember is to wish your progeny well. Then you can share some pearls that have kept you happily married or standard wedding wishes.

To all the weddings with an in-law as a suffix, your standard wedding wishes will go a long way unless it’s your sibling who’s about to put the practice of those vows to work. Then it’s time to add some personality because nobody knows their sibling better than you, the person they’re going to marry might overtake you as time goes by but as far as things stand, first night after they’ve enjoyed a night in their marital bed together you still have the lead, so make the most of it.

If you happen to be a co-worker getting invited to weddings, first and foremost what is your secret? That being said, for you to get invited to something that’s typically reserved for the closest of family and friends means that you’re doing something right and tips on what to write on a wedding card won’t help much. A general wish, coupled with something as personal as admiring the sanctity of your friendship will go a long way in making your card memorable.

How do I send a wedding card with an awesome message?

The next point of order is determining how to get your message in the hand of the desired subject. The first option is to mail it, especially if you’re not going due to, for lack of a better word, unforeseen circumstances.  The next option, which is a little less dramatic is to leave it in the card bowl that’s usually located somewhere in the wedding reception. Dunkeld Country Estate, for example, has a fairy-tale wedding persona that leaves guests wide-eyed and open-mouthed, large trees with views that are impossible to Photoshop, a horse-drawn carriage and killer wedding card bowls.

Sometimes the beauty of a wedding makes finding the right words to express yourself extremely difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be the case regardless of whether you’re attending as a colleague from work, father, sister or an estranged ex looking for closure so that you can move on. All you need in a wedding card is sincerity and staying away from social etiquette no-no’s then all that’s left is to enjoy the food.


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