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What’s so nice about Dullstroom?

Good question and for starters it’s a good 3 hour drive away from the country’s biggest city making it just right time and distance away to figure out whether the company you keep is great or if their needs to be a change on the people you consider to be your friends or worse, family. At least the former you can change the latter, not so much but one thing you do have complete control over is the checklist containing all things Dullstroom. From animals to food and even the decimation of fake city birds. First glance of this mountainous terrain is misleading, but then again you know what they say about judging books. If you can point this place out in a map, it would be safe to assume that you’re well-travelled or have some very stubborn family members which in this case can work in your favour when you brag about the secrets this town hides.
  1. Trout fishing
What is a visit to Dullstroom without trout, the fly-fishing capital as it’s officially known. And what better place to fish for them than Dunkeld Country & Equestrian Estate. With literally plenty of fish in the sea, or in this case dams. All 19 of them. Regardless of whether the fish you’re in search for are fresh or saltwater, Dunkeld’s Rainbow Trout is at home in either one. As enjoyable as fishing may be, equipment can be expensive and a hindrance if you do not have the means but this estate not only provides fisherman with fishing rods and other essential equipment required on the water but allows fisherman to keep their catch.
  • Harries pancakes
With 30 years of serving pancakes under their belt, 4 recessions later and a turbulent economy currently should say more about the quality of the food than its location. This piece of heaven located in Dullstroom is not only sweet (pun intended) filled with helpful staff and most importantly fast. But delivers fast but a specialist in sweet and savoury treats. Dark chocolate, milk tarts and ice-cream are all fair game and done exceptionally well. This is a pit-stop every sweet tooth shouldn’t leave without trying.
  • Horse riding
When the word Dullstroom comes up in casual conversation more often than not, mountainous terrain and horses accompany the mental image. And in doing so, you wouldn’t be wrong since that element is there, meaning horse lovers and rookies are welcome to climb a top a noble steed and ride off into the sunset. Dullstroom comes packed with many trials of different varieties from a bunch of established equestrian centres, the most prominent ones being Dunkeld Stud and the Dullstroom Riding Centre who share 40 years between them.
  • Clay pigeon shooting
Squint, aim and shoot. It’s as simple as that. Even if you’re nervous behind the gun, helpful instructors are at the ready to help even the most novice of clay shooters get comfortable behind a gun. That and the ins and outs of how a gun should be handled. Whether it’s a bachelor party, team building exercise or just a beautiful day out with friends. Far from the city and where the grey and navy blue birds frequent the streets. Shooting clay pigeons Emnothweni means the chances of noise complaints from the neighbours are highly unlikely thanks to the surrounding hills and mountains.
  • Art of food
Growing up I’m sure you were told not to play with your food but in a small little town in South Africa, within the Mpumalanga province have managed to make a living out of it and as a result,  become pretty good at making art out of food. A mix between a Pollock and a Van Gough, one thing that can’t be denied regardless of whether the plate meets your visual tastes is that the smell is as divine as it tastes. This place is definitely a must visit when in Dullstroom, if not for the new ways to eat a burger or a boiled egg than definitely to learn how to woo guests and in-laws with creative plating that can only be achieved through years of playing with your food.
  • Wild about whiskey
They say it’s all in a name and no name is more creative but at the same time definitively clear about what it’s about. In case you haven’t managed to figure it out, liquid gold, the stuff of legends otherwise known as whiskey. With a knowledgeable bar staff, indulge in premium spirits that have found a home at this hotel’s bar. Allowing connoisseurs the liberty to enjoy a mixture of different flavours and blends from different parts of the world and then call it a night at one of 15 hotels nearby, one of which being across the road.


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